Frères Grosjean Petite Arvine 2008

Frères Grosjean Petite Arvine 2008

grosjean-petite-arvine-2008This past year, I have many times found myself reaching for the unique and unpretentious wines of Italy’s Valle d’Aosta. One Valle d’Aosta producer whose bottles I am always happy to encounter on the retail shelf is Frères Grosjean, exactly because I know I am in for just such a treat.

Tasting Notes:

Frères Grosjean’s Petite Arvine 2008 filled me with emotional impressions of nature unspoiled, of grassy meadows, mountain streams and wild herbs. A nostalgic finish brought to mind thoughts of home and bowls of sliced pears covered with honey and crushed almonds.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

I enjoyed this wonderful bottle with family members as we ate slices of prosciutto and Emmenthaler cheese, followed by herbed chicken sausages, good potato salad and mango barley salsa.

When pairing this wine with food, I recommend playing to its rich and complex palate, bright minerality and citrus notes.

You can read more about Frères Grosjean on Vintrospective here


Why Has Vintrospective Been So Quiet Lately?

An alternate title for this short post might be “Staying Committed to Transparency on the Social Web During Good Times and Bad”.

But… let’s stay with the original thought, I guess:

Why has Vintrospective been so quiet lately?

A. He is tired of writing
B. He is busy with things other than wine
C. Neither of the above

If you have chosen A or B above, you’d be wrong.

fig28Allow me to introduce you to the culprit: a medical condition called Tinnitus in English, in Italian, Acufena, an illness simply described as a persistent, continuous ringing in the ears.

Suddenly, over the last few weeks, many things have for me become…well, not so easy, writing and sleeping among them.

They tell me there is no cure. I am trying to cope and honestly, I have more questions than answers about what lies ahead.

My publishing schedule on the Vintrospective blog and my presence on Twitter has been very affected, but I cannot say if or when this will change for the better.

Happy Holidays and Peace to all — Joel.

NOTE: Credit to Art School Online with Walter Elliot @ for the ear drawing image 🙂