Gradis’Ciutta Pinot Grigio 2011

Gradis’Ciutta Pinot Grigio 2011

I am a man not easily held hostage by life’s material things.

That said, there are a couple of personal items which I value, among them a Le Creuset French oven: it confers an indescribably good taste upon whatever we happen to cook in it.

So,as my wife lifts the Le Creuset lid on galompki to be served alongside of chicken cutlet pounded tender, breaded and pan-fried, I feel the need to survey the bottle rack for something that can keep up: I entrust the job to a bottle of Gradis’Ciutta Pinot Grigio 2011.

No regrets. In fact, the wine is sensational and brings to the table indescribably good taste all its own.

From the estate of Robert Princic , tucked away in Collio (Friuli) in Italy’s northeastern corner, Gradis’Ciutta Pinot Grigio is made from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes grown in the region’s “ponca” soil, a mix of clay marl and breakable sandstone.

Fermented in stainless steel and left “sur lie” until bottling.

Tasting Notes / Impressions:

This is a finely-etched Pinot Grigio yet one with good structure. Focused peach fruit, stones, minerals, and bracing acidity. Long finish and loads of personality.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

A super versatile wine at table, it can hang with boiled meats, white meats, vegetable courses, soups and soft cheeses. It was spectacular with the galompki and cutlet. Wouldn’t want to miss it served with kielbasa, a mix of sauerkraut and thinly sliced fresh cabbage fried in oil and butter, and home-fried potatos. Lighter perhaps? Small pasta shapes in good chicken broth with diced carrots and celery, bread and butter on the side, greens salad and a plate of soft cheeses.

NOTE: I first tasted this wine at the Simply Italian Wines Tour NYC 2012, adored it then, and had a real tough time locating a retail source. You can contact the importer Wine Emporium, Inc., out of Brooklyn, NY for assistance in tracking it down.