jfm-pic“Vintrospective” is an idea, a frame of mind, a word cobbled together from the real words “Vino” and “Introspective”. It encourages an approach to Italian wine based on one’s own sensory and perceptual experiences, yet not forgetting the true spirit and character of its subject.

Vintrospective.com features content about Italian wines and wine producers written in a subjective, impressionistic, yet informative style, delivered with a point of view that will help you to nurture and develop a more personal, self confident, real wine culture and to derive greater pleasure from the wines you drink.

You will also find information, hints and suggestions for enjoying and thinking about Italian wine with a greater awareness of wine’s broader connections to earth, tradition, art, and culture.

There are no scores or ratings of wines here – I leave them to others who choose to view wine in that way. But I will point you in the direction of Italian wines and producers where I have found a unique and beautiful message, one which you can experience on your own terms.

About the Author:

Joel Mack has worked for a celebrated importer / distributor of Italian wines and continues to study the wines of Italy.  He has advised many restaurants in making their Italian wine list selections and has provided training to restaurant staff. Today, Joel conducts wine classes and leads specialized private and corporate tastings of Italian wines.  Joel carried out his higher education at a highly regarded College of Music and continues to extend an artistic point of view to Italian wine, balanced with factual information about wine, its nature and identity. By day, he applies his time to collaborative software technology.

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