Five Wines for a Tuesday Night

Five Wines for a Tuesday Night

The weekend is history now and you’re staring down the long end of a work week that is getting busier by the minute. You think it would sure be nice to wrap up Tuesday evening with something good to eat and a glass or two of wine. Sounds like a great idea with little need for convincing, except for one thing: the wines you like to drink aren’t inexpensive and while it’s easy to justify that on the weekend, they stand a bit pricey for a Tuesday night.


The first thing you should know is that the dilemma is not yours alone: it’s a problem shared by virtually every wine lover and wine professional I know. Not many can afford to drink unrestrained every night of every week. But, who would want to, really? To drink expensive wine every evening would mean missing out on so much that wine has to offer. Boring.

Do what most savvy wine drinkers do: zero in on interesting, well-made, satisfying budget wines for the weekdays and save your favorite bottles for weekends and special occasions. Here are five interesting and massively affordable wines sure to save you from boredom and financial ruin on any given Tuesday 😉 Generally speaking, one can find these wines selling for under $12.00 per bottle.

La Maialina Chianti 2008
From Italy’s Tuscany region, this wine offers tons of personality, vibrant fruit, dried flowers, earth, and tobacco. Dark-toned, rich palate with nicely balanced lightness / softness / intensity. Perhaps the best wine I’ve ever tasted in the under-$10 category.

Alain Corcia Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2010
This Pinot Noir from France charms with elegant, bright toned cherry fruit, hints of saddle leather, minerals and dusty cocoa underscored with bracing acidity. Medium bodied with a silky palate full of clean flavor. I am hard-pressed to turn up a better Pinot Noir deal anywhere.

Quinta dos Roques Quinta do Correio Tinto 2010
This red gem from Portugal just sings with lush scents of ripe berries, herbs and earth. A rich palate of raspberry jam finds harmony balanced by refreshing acidity followed by a generous finish. Lovers of Rhone wines will especially appreciate this one.

Monte del Fra Custoza 2011

Delicately aromatic and flavorful, this white from Italy’s Veneto gives generous licks of apple, pear, peach and nectarine. Well-structured, great balance, and lively acidity. Finishes with good length, remaining fragrant in the mouth. One of the best values in Italian wine today.

Mâcon-Lugny Eugène Blanc Cave de Lugny 2010
This classic white burgundy drinks easily offering tons of personality and charm. Subtle scents of apples, dried apricots, honey, citrus and flowers. Rich in the mouth with mineral undertones and lively, lemony-acidity.

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Vinhos Norte Vinho Verde Cruzeiro Branco NV

Note: Vinhos Norte Vinho Verde Cruzeiro Branco was provided to me as a tasting sample. If interested, see Vintrospective policy about wine samples here.

I am upside down. Well, more accurately, I am bent over at the waist, nose to toe. Blood rushes to my head. Again I push my weeding tool into the ground – improving the blister now forming on my hand – against an invading army of dandelions.

As I stand straight, the Allman Brothers Band “One Way Out” pumps through my headphones while my hamstrings remind me that I am now too old to stay bent over for longer than a shoe tie.

One way out, indeed.

It’s quittin’ time 🙂

vino-verdeInside the house, I uncork a bottle of Vinhos Norte Vinho Verde Cruzeiro Branco NV and fix a few small plates: pan fried eggplant; Cyprus olives; potato gratin; mashed fava beans with garlic oil; homemade bread.

The company Vinhos Norte was established in 1971 bearing the name of founder Manuel da Costa Carvalho Lima (& Filho) and operates today from northern Portugal under 3rd generation guidance.

Vinhos Norte Vinho Verde Cruzeiro Branco is produced from grape varietals Loureiro, Arinto, and Trajadura.

Tasting Notes:

Pale yellow straw color. Grassy and fresh with delicious acidity, a touch of residual sugar and spritz, this wine is absolutely thirst-quenching. Lemon-lime palate shows clean and simple-chic. Subtle notes of green apple and ginger. 9 degrees of alcohol make for easy drinking. Lovers of Riesling will dig this one.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

If there were ever a wine for almost “any occasion”, this is it (think Prosecco). The wine does super well as an aperitif or with fish and vegetable plates: try baby shrimp with garlic and lemon, a spicy tuna dish, or perhaps marinated fresh anchovy or similar small fish; a bowl of mussel soup or wash down some barbecued pork served on a roll.