Simply Italian Wines US Tour, NYC 2012

On this mid-October day of drizzle and rain, I am tucked away at New York Public Library for the Simply Italian Wines US Tour. After a day of seminars and tastings, I look down at my notes:




I’ve written, retraced, doodled each word until their letters are nearly unfit to read, so often have I heard…and felt…their message throughout the day.

As one who has thought much about the expression of wine through human language, and based upon what I’ve experienced today via my tasting glass, I must say that those five words – Tradition, Quality, Innovation, Place and Family – form a complete language revealing of Italian wine, one spoken as common tongue across the peninsula’s appellations: wines from Italy’s regions are showing more varietal focus, less dependence on wood, shining a brighter light on balance in general. And I get the sense that producers are feeling more confident about throwing away that burdensome yoke of pandering for point scores, concentrating on making the wines they want to make.

Fabulous Wines of Collio seminar hosted by Charlie Arturaola
Fabulous Wines of Collio seminar hosted by Charlie Arturaola

Some noteworthy mentions:
Ca’ Del Bosco AnnaMaria Clementi Franciacorta 2004 Complex flavors, minerality, full of grace
Rivera Il Falcone Castel del Monte Riserva 2006 Power and elegance, smooth, big aromatics
Mastroberardino Radici Taurasi 2006 Complex nose and palate, clear as a bell
Gradis’Ciutta Collio Bianco Bràtinis 2010 Rich but delicate, with structure and exotic bouquet
Gradis’Ciutta Collio Pinot Grigio 2011 Finely-etched Pinot, tons of personality

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Joel Mack has worked for a celebrated importer / distributor of Italian wines and continues to study the wines and winemaking of Italy. He has advised many restaurants in making their Italian wine list selections and has provided training to restaurant staff. Today, Joel conducts wine classes and leads specialized private and corporate tastings of Italian wines. Joel carried out his higher education at a highly regarded College of Music and continues to extend an artistic point of view to Italian wine, balanced with factual information about wine, its nature and identity. By day, he applies his time to collaborative software technology. Joel can be contacted at joel at vintrospective dot com.

2 thoughts on “Simply Italian Wines US Tour, NYC 2012”

  1. Have a look at the Great Italian Wine Estates book series by Carlo Cambi Editore (! You will find many interesting information about winemakers, wine production, family stories… a detailed picture of Italian enological movement, but not only. Have a good reading!

  2. Marco, I will definitely have a read of it as you recommend ! Thanks for stopping by and reading Vintrospective 🙂 best, joel.

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