Fumanelli Valpolicella 2009

Fumanelli Valpolicella 2009

Dinner dishes are cleared, a half bottle of wine still to drink. Outside, massive oak limbs creak in the wind, sympathy for logs crackling in the wood stove.

He’s looks at the chess board, then back at me, raises an eyebrow.

I return a steady gaze that says:
You want a piece of me? 😉

fumanelli-valpolicella-2009He hunches over the chess board, absent mindedly swirls a last sip of wine in his glass, pushes his Bishop forward. Really? Bishop’s opening? Popular back in the ‘60’s perhaps. Oh, he’s an old school boy, isn’t he? Classic chess, all the way.

Also showing some classic style tonight is a noteable, easy drinking Valpolicella from producer Marchesi Fumanelli who has been producing wines since 1470.

I had happened upon the Fumanelli bottle at a local shop awhile back. Although the producer wasn’t really on my radar at the time, I purchased a single bottle to give it a go. And glad I did. This Valpolicella brought timeless style to the table and continues to be distinguished company during these after dinner sporting moments.

The wine is produced from hand-picked grapes – Corvina Veronese ( 40%), Corvinone (40%), Rondinella (20%) – grown on the family’s Squarano estate (San Floriano) in the classic heart of Valpolicella. Fermented in stainless steel.

Tasting Notes / Impressions:

Fresh picked berries, violets, herbs and tobacco. Medium weight on the palate, cherry, notes of almond. Good balance all around, appetite-raising acidity and nice grippy tannins. Flavorful, easy drinking, classic style.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

Pasta, risotto, veal and chicken dishes, burgers, pizza, hearty soups, cured meats, cheeses. I’d even do this wine with salmon.

Awakenend now from my Valpolicella reverie I find him peering over his spectacles at me.

“I’m sorry, did you say something”, I ask. “My move” ?

Strokes his beard, staring. “Checkmate”, he says.


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