Vio Pigato Riviera Ligure di Ponente 2010

Vio Pigato Riviera Ligure di Ponente 2010

A great master of the martial arts once said to me: “The athletically gifted martial artist who does not try hard is not impressive. It is the one who, with less to work with, still performs well, that is truly the gifted one.”

vio-claudio-pigato-riviera-ligure-di-ponente-2010With just two hectares of difficult, steep hillside vineyards and an uncompromising pursuit of quality, that Claudio Vio can deliver a wine like Vio Pigato Riviera Ligure di Ponente, in my mind, establishes him as one of Italy’s most gifted, if not heroic, wine producers.

From Liguria in Italy’s northwest, Vio Pigato Riviera Ligure di Ponente is produced of 100% Pigato hand-harvested from shale and slate soil at about 300 meters altitude (the highest altitude Pigato produced, according to importer Portovino) located approximately 12km from the sea. Native yeasts. Maceration on skins carried out for 24-36 hours. Vinified in steel tank. One year in bottle before release.

Tasting Notes / Impressions:

Showing nothing of young, nervy character, this bottle has settled into an absolutely stunning state. Rich, golden color, perfumed of stone fruit, honey, sage, and minerals. Full bodied in the mouth, soft and slightly viscous, with good transfer of stone fruit flavors, citrus, herb, saline, hints of bitter almond on the finish. Spectacular.

vio-pigato-and-scallopsFood Pairing Suggestions:

I have to tell you: the wine was insanely good with the grilled scallops shown at left: first pairing reco is seafood for sure, shrimp or scallop risotto would be super. Also suggest baked peppers stuffed with rice and ground meat. The wine’s herb notes will play especially well with pasta, rice salad or vegetable dishes featuring green herbs, say, basil pesto and / or black olives. Cappellini simply dressed with a bit of garlic, olive oil and anchovy will resonate with the wine’s salinity. Would love to try this wine with a good Ligurian fish stew! Complex salads. Delicate chicken dishes.


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